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Below you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding our site.

I want to know more about the tests and questionnaires

How do I prepare for a test or assessment?

The best advice for doing well in selection tests is:

  • Read all the instructions carefully
  • Check your answers to ability test questions before proceeding to the next page
  • Give answers that reflect the way that you see yourself in reality, not how you would like to be seen

Go to the careers section in almost any bookshop and you'll find lots of books filled with advice about succeeding in selection tests. You can find more advice about psychometrics here.

Is there anywhere I can complete some practice tests or questions beforehand?
If you are completing a test of verbal, abstract or mechanical reasoning, then you will find that you are presented with some practice questions before the real test begins. You can also visit our practice test pages.
How can I find out the time allowance for my assessment(s)?

Once you click the assessment link, you will be presented with an instruction page which will state clearly the time limit for the test and the total number of questions. From the instructions page, you can use the ‘Suspend’ function if you wish to complete the assessment at another time. It is only once you click the ‘Start test’ button that the test timer will begin.

Also note that personality questionnaires do not have a time limit. These can even be completed across multiple sittings. Though, we advise that you do not overthink your responses.

Can I use a calculator?

You are allowed to use a calculator to help with your working out for any numerical assessments, unless the assessment instructions state otherwise.

Can I review my answers during the test?

You are able to amend your answers whilst on the same page, but once you have preceded you will be unable to go back to any previous pages within the assessment. Thus, the system requires that you complete all of the questions on the page before moving on.

I require adjustments to be made to my test.

Adjustments to the contrast and font size settings can be made via the ‘Accessibility’ link in the bottom right hand corner of this page. If you require any other adjustments, such as the use of a screen reader or changes to the test timer, please contact the organisation for which you are completing the tests for further support.

What if I lose my web connection?

Broadband connections tend to be very robust, but if you are using dial-up there is a possibility that you might lose your connection when you are midway through an assessment.

This is never a problem – Coast always saves your last page of responses. You can log back into Coast using your email and password (we would have sent you an email confirming your login details when you first registered, but you can also ask for a password reminder). You can then pick up where you left off.

If you leave midway through a timed assessment you will need to request a reset of the time limit from the individual responsible for the assessment process. You will be guided through this process when you try to resume the assessment.

I have experienced a technical fault whilst completing one of my assessments.

If you have been timed out of an assessment due to a technical issue, you can either use the ‘Request a test reset’ link on your assessments page, or contact your organisation directly to explain your circumstance. If your request is accepted, you will be able to re-enter your assessment via your account log in, as before.

What happens to my data?

Your data will be deleted automatically after 12 months in line with The Data Protection Act.

What happens upon completion of these assessments?

If you would like any further information about the assessment process more generally, you will need to contact the organisation for which you are completing the tests.

Is there a pass mark?
Unfortunately we can't give information about the way we score assessments. However, we can tell you that the results of assessments are used in conjunction with other information about you when decisions are made. You can find more advice about psychometrics here.
Will I see my results?

Organisations vary in their policies relating to the provision of feedback from online assessment processes. If the assessment you complete is in relation to applying for a job you should contact the employer to find out their feedback policy.

If your assessment is in connection with a training or development programme then you should expect to receive feedback on your performance and what it means in terms of your development in your role.

Logging into Coast

I have forgotten my password. How can I log back in?

We would have sent you an email confirming your login details when you first registered - this would have been sent to the email address you registered with.

  • If you can't find this email you can ask for a password reset using the 'Forgotten your password?' link on the Sign In page
  • If you can't remember the email address you used to register you should contact the organisation for whom you are competing the assessment
Can I log back into Coast once I have completed my assessments?

You can log back into Coast at any time using your email address and password (we would have sent you an email confirming your login details when you first registered, but you can also ask for a password reminder). You can edit details on your account such as your contact information.

You can't log back into the system to view or change information relating to your assessment. You should bring any changes to the attention of the organisation who asked you to complete the assessment.

How can I amend the personal details saved on my Coast account?

Within your Coast account, you can amend your registration details by using the form at the bottom of your activities page. Once you have made any changes, use the ‘Update details’ button to save them.


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We use these assessments to understand your style and approach to the demands, challenges and rewards relating to working with us.

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